Community Council

Report May 2016

The Community Council has hopefully at last found a solution for avoiding water pooling outside the Community Centre. We looked into laying some tarmac but this option was very expensive and couldn’t guarantee that it would solve the problem, so it has been decided that a new drain will be put in and joined to the existing drain.

The Community Council would like to congratulate Tomos Evans on his great achievement on being chosen to be part of a group of young people from all over Wales to go on a visit to Patagonia later on this year. We were delighted as a Council to give him a donation towards his fundraising goal. Tomos very kindly attended our April meeting to give us a short talk on his planned visits.

Other donations that the Council have made this year have included Hayscastle Rainbows, Brownies, Girl Guides and BrawdyHayscastle YFC, and we look forward to working with them all in the coming year.

As always if you have any concerns or matters you wish to discuss, please contact any of the six Councillors or the Clerk Mr Lee Wilkins on 01348 840358.