Fibre Broadband for Hayscastle

Hayscastle has been promised fast fibre broadband for well over a year now, with all publicised dates failing to see the service enabled. Cabinet 3 at the Letterston exchange has been fibre enabled, and that appears to be the cabinet many in the Hayscastle area are connected to.
However Superfast Cymru replied recently to a posting on their Facebook page from a local resident asking for an update on the situation.
This is what Susi from the company said on the 21st March:
We have hit issues with finding a suitable location for the fibre cabinet. It has gone to a second survey and assuming the findings are clear work will start at the end of the month. Thanks Susi

*In late April it was noticed that digging work was taking place alongside the existing cabinet opposite The Cross Inn, hopefully this means that progress is being made at long last!