Neighbourhood Watch

Hayscastle Neighbourhood Watch was established under the umbrella of the Hayscastle Community Forum and in conjunction with the local Dyfed Powys Police Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The Co-ordinator for the whole of the Hayscastle area is responsible for liaising on a two-way basis with the Contacts and solely responsible for contact with the Police.

The Contact for each of the outreach areas was published in a Newsletter and they will be responsible for liaising with the Co-ordinator. A copy is available from the coordinator.

If anyone learns of criminal activity, or even the suspicion of criminal activity, in their outreach area please telephone their Contact, who will then inform the Co-ordinator, who will liaise with the Police.


Area Telephone
Wolfscastle Road & Village 01348 840808 (Coordinator)
Welsh Hook Road 01348 840677
Pen-Parc 01348 840098
Brimaston 01437 741663
Rhyndaston 01437 710656
Hayscastle (Tump area) 01348 840042
Tancredston 01348 837847
Pont-yr-Hafod 01348 840730
Plumstone 01437 741431