Green Flag Community Award 2017/2018

It is with great pleasure we are able to announce the Hayscastle Community Woodland has been awarded the Green Flag Community Award from Keep Wales Tidy for the second year running.

This UK-wide award recognises high quality green spaces which are managed by voluntary and community groups. Judging is carried out on the following criteria – a welcoming place, healthy, safe and secure, well-maintained and clean, environmental sustainability, biodiversity and heritage, community involvement and achievement.

The Woodland was begun in 2007 thanks to an idea from Hayscastle Community Council who, after obtaining the lease and funding, invited the Environmental Society to oversee the creation and management of the site. Although we have much to thank these two organisations for, the award could not have been achieved without considerable sustained input from many individuals, organisations and businesses within the Hayscastle community, so everybody should feel justly proud.

The completion of the Community Centre in 2012 has complemented the Woodland which has seen increased usage as a result. If you wish to find out more about how to help maintain our Woodland for the future please see posts below, and pay a visit to the Environmental Society, who will be present at the Hayscastle Show on the 12th August.

Hayscastle Needs You!

Have you ever thought about helping out in your community?

Do you feel as if you need more fresh air and exercise with modern technology keeping you away from the healthy lifestyle?
Would you like to meet other people and learn about the creatures we share our lives with?
Thank goodness you haven’t got to go far nor will it be costly because the Hayscastle Environmental Society can help you achieve all this and much more if you care to come along to one of our meetings or activities.

To all those who use the Community Woodland, and enjoy seeing the flower beds in the village or dislike seeing litter decorating the roadsides, remember this is all work of the H.E.S. who are reaching a crisis in their membership. New and younger members are needed to be able to continue with the work in progress or some of these activities will cease to be carried out and it is worth remembering that they are not likely to be taken over by any other group or council. It maybe indeed in the not too distant future Pembrokeshire County Council may offload some of the grass cutting carried out in the area. We need to be prepared. We are indebted to all those who have played their part over the last 17 years and helped in putting some pride into the village. Please help to keep the continuity going. There is no age barrier, under 18s and students are free Those who wish to join pay just £6 per year to cover the cost of speakers, meetings, insurance and other incidentals. Unless you join in you will never realise all the other opportunities available.

Come and see us at Hayscastle Show on 12th August, at our next meeting in the Community Centre on 4th October at 7:30pm or join our next litter pick on 16th September, meeting outside the Community Centre at 2pm, equipment provided.

Fibre Broadband has arrived in Hayscastle!


After years of promises BT Openreach have finally brought Fibre Broadband to the Hayscastle area.

Cabinet 3 which serves Hayscastle Cross village has now been activated and links to the Letterston exchange by fibre.

Properties served by this cabinet can receive a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service.

To check if your property/landline can be upgraded to fibre please visit Superfast Cymru

  • FTTC uses fibre-optic cables throughout the network right up to the street cabinet. It then uses existing copper wires to connect the cabinet to homes and businesses. FTTC provides download speeds up to 80Mbps and upload speeds up to 20Mbps, which are then offered as different service packages by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Fibre Broadband for Hayscastle

Hayscastle has been promised fast fibre broadband for well over a year now, with all publicised dates failing to see the service enabled. Cabinet 3 at the Letterston exchange has been fibre enabled, and that appears to be the cabinet many in the Hayscastle area are connected to.
However Superfast Cymru replied recently to a posting on their Facebook page from a local resident asking for an update on the situation.
This is what Susi from the company said on the 21st March:
We have hit issues with finding a suitable location for the fibre cabinet. It has gone to a second survey and assuming the findings are clear work will start at the end of the month. Thanks Susi

*In late April it was noticed that digging work was taking place alongside the existing cabinet opposite The Cross Inn, hopefully this means that progress is being made at long last!

Guitar Tutor required

There are a number of children within the village that have shown an interest in learning the guitar, if anyone knows of anyone who would be willing to teach a small group of children within the community, please could you let Sarah Lewis (Treasurer of the Community Centre) or myself know.

Wendy Phillips
Secretary Hayscastle Community Centre