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New Bus Service in North West Pembs

Transport for Wales is surging ahead with its expansion of the fflecsi bus service to another part of Wales.  

In partnership with Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport (PVT) and Pembrokeshire County Council, the new service has now launched in North West Pembrokeshire.  

Fflecsi is a semi-scheduled demand responsive bus service that has a fixed start and end destination, but is flexible and can adjust its route to pick-up and drop-off passengers anywhere within that fflecsi zone.

Rather than passengers waiting at a bus stop for a bus to turn up, they can now book a journey in advance using a new app, the fflecsi website or by calling 0300 234 0300.

Passengers are informed where to catch the bus and at what time it will be arriving – the pick-up point will be near the location of the passenger.    

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, said: “Fflecsi is a way of setting up our transport system differently, giving passengers more control over how they get around. 

“The initial signs are that these kind of services are popular. We’ll continue to learn from experiences in other parts of Wales to create efficient, convenient options as part of an integrated public transport system.” 

Through the managed booking system, fflecsi also ensures that all passengers are guaranteed a seat and therefore assists with physical distancing measures. The safety of customers and colleagues is a priority for TfW and this new service ensures safety on public transport.     

James Price, Transport for Wales CEO, said: “fflecsi is a very exciting trial for us as we continue to transform public transport in Wales.  The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on public transport and as we move forward the safety of our colleagues and customers continues to be our top priority. 

“This new pilot scheme offers us the opportunity to look at a new way of operating public transport and in these current circumstances. 

“We are now running pilot schemes throughout Wales and it’s great to see it expanded to Pembrokeshire.” 

Margaret Vickery, Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport Chair, added: “Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport (PVT) is delighted to be working with Transport For Wales (TfW) in a new fflecsi service operating in the St David’s Peninsula. Friendly drivers alongside comfy seating with stunning views of our countryside as passengers travel in brand new buses. We are at the early stages of this service and look forward to it shaping up to meet local needs.” 

County Councillor Phil Baker, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, welcomed the expansion.

“This is a very exciting initiative and I am pleased that we have been able to obtain funding to undertake this pilot project in Pembrokeshire,” he said.

“I am delighted that we have been able to use the knowledge and experience of the Community Transport Sector in Pembrokeshire to drive this service forward. There are a number of communities which have never had access to a public bus service but now they will.” 

To find out more, including details of the services and how to book, please visit: