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Grasshoppers Club – October Update

A regular attendance and fine weather have enabled the children to find and clean out all the nesting boxes in the Community Woodland. There was some excitement when a mouse jumped out of one and more when a very large spider was residing in another. Repairs were carried out and the boxes left to dry out in the greenhouse to erect at the next meeting.

The old hedgehog home had rotted away so thanks to the Pembrokeshire Hogspital who donated another one. The was repositioned in the small copse which is full of snowdrops in late winter. Food was also put out for them and later inspection showed it had been eaten so was replenished at the next meeting.

A whole meeting was taken up when Gerry and Russell from the Pembrokeshire Hogspital came to talk to the children, introduce them to live hedgehogs and explain to them why it is important to look after them. The children were engrossed, answered questions and also asked lots of questions. They got to handle the hedgehogs as well and later proudly showed off the home they were looking after in the woodland.

The Grasshoppers Club meets every other Monday, 4.30-6pm at the Community Woodland. The next meeting is Monday 24th October.


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